Friday, November 9, 2007

Update: there, it's done

Wow, that really needed to be done! I feel as good as I feel after cleaning the bathtub after ignoring it for three weeks. There was some dead wood on there that I'm not quite ready to admit defeat towards, but mostly it was books I've come across that I want to read, but haven't. The new Barbara Kingsolver, Jasper Fforde, and Jen Lancaster. All those books that my parents wanted me to give to the book sale. Some other stuff I've heard of here and there. I see the beginnings of a World War II thing, as well as further continuation of my aborted colonial history thing. Plus more trips to the library, and more posts!

When NaBloPoMo gets tough

The tough get NaBloPoMo...or something. Alert readers probably spotted the flaw in someone who maintains a blog about the books she reads participating in such a NaBloPoMo thing. I didn't spot it until early this week, when I realized I was current on all the books I'd read when I didn't have internet access and wasn't due to complete anything anytime soon. Yesterday's book was a godsend that way. I came across it when unpacking, and thought: I know! Children's short stories! That'll go fast! It did, too. It only took me about an hour to read, but then I was right back where I started.

I visited the NaBloPoMo site, sure that this would be the day when I fail. Then I came across a new group: List Lovers...for people who love to make lists! Sweet! I like to make lists. I like it so much that I have a notebook full of different lists I've made. Some of them are things I'd like to do. Some of them are lists of things I have done (the whole list book idea started because I got tired of trying to list off every guy I'd ever kissed every time I kissed someone new). So I thought maybe this would salvage today's entry.

But after giving it some thought, I can't come up with a much better list than a new and improved TBR list. The one on the sidebar has a ton of dead wood and mostly came from this post, where I went through my book collection and set aside the ones I'd never actually read. Maybe it's time to admit that my interest in some of them has passed, that I'm never going to pick them up, and that it's time to pass them on to someone who will read them and take them off my list. At the same token, there are some books that I do want to read that aren't on there. Also, I could cheat and put the book I'm reading right now on my list just so I can vanquish it right away, a trick I frequently employ with my more mundane "to-do" lists.