Saturday, January 6, 2007

OT: Racism on the Internet

Well, since starting this blog, my main dilemma has been attracting readers. I want this to be a really good site, where people can come and enjoy what I have to say and leave their own comments. My sister suggested looking for other blogs to comment on with my URL as a way of getting out there a little. So I looked.

Man, I should've put my hip-waders on first. Between here and the Craigslist forums, the racism and xenophobia are just out of control! Why is this? Is it the anonymity of the internet? Are people really afraid of something else and pinning it on blacks and Mexicans as a convenient scapegoat? Have we really made any progress at all beyond allowing blacks and whites to sit near one another at restaurants? It's very depressing. If you have a non-racist blog, please reply to this post with a link. I promise to visit. I need my faith in humanity restored.


Wendy said...

Hello Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. I love to see a new face ... well, you know what I mean.

As for racisim, I see it on blogger, as well as anywhere else. I have no room for racism in my life, but I'm no fool. I know it's there. I just have to continue to be my own best person each day. So, know this much - there are good people out here. I've "met" some wonderful folks on blogger. Give it a little time and avoid the nasty people.

Pacian said...

Everyone has a voice on the internet, and I think we're all surprised to find out just what kind of people 'everyone' is made up of.

Although an atheist, I was raised around nice, liberal, English Christianity, and wandering around the Internet I often feel that it seems to be full of acerbic, homophobic, mysognistic creationists. I think we just have to trust that we are being shocked into blowing a minority out of proportion, and that most people really are sensible and nice.