Monday, March 26, 2007

Score at the library today!

I visited the larger of the two libraries near where I live and work today (and learned that it was named one of the top four best small libraries in America, WTG!!!!) and scored a nice balance of sleazy nonfiction and more serious fiction. On the serious (or at least mind-improving) side, we have On Beauty by Zadie Smith (I liked White Teeth!); The Knife Thrower and other stories by Steven Millhauser (I was hoping for the one with "The Illusionist" in it, but this'll do -- "The Knife Thrower" was a great story); and Loon Lake by E.L Doctorow. Sometimes I like him and sometimes I don't. We'll see where this one fits in.

On the sleazier side, we have A Paper Life by Tatum O'Neal; Salad Days by Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.; and Lana: The Lady, the Legend, The Truth by --aw crap -- Lana Turner. I didn't realize that last was an autobiography. I was hoping for something a little more objective about her (actually, I really wanted a book about Frances Farmer, but no such luck.) Will I get through them all by April 16th? Upon further reflection, will I even want to? Stay tuned to this blog, readers, for the answers to these and more questions!!!!!

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