Monday, May 21, 2007

Another meme

The last one was fun, so inspired by that (and my D-list rating as a blogolebrity), I decided to do this meme, which I found at Chris's Book-a-rama

A book that made you cry: My Dog Skip, by Willie Morris. Most of the book is fun and happy, but the ending gets me every time. I tear up whenever I think of the last line: "They say they buried him under the elm tree in the backyard. But he really laid buried in my heart."

A book that scared you: Gerald's Game by Stephen King. I did not get a good night's sleep for six weeks after reading this one. I will never read another one of his books again.

A book that made you laugh: Straight Man by Richard Russo. Every time. "They ARE a metaphor. If they were LIKE a metaphor, they'd be, like, a similie."

A book that disgusted you: Dreamland by Kevin Baker. It was excellent up until the very end. Then, they totally copped out.

A book you loved in elementary school: In honor of the man, we're going to go with The Prydain Chronicles, although there were many, many books I loved in elementary school.

A book you loved in middle school: Honestly, I remember no books from this era. I must've read something, but I don't recall it, or much else from middle school, come to think of it.

A book you loved in high school: On the Road by Jack Kerouac. Reading that book made me badass!

A book you hated in high school: I generally don't remember the ones I hate.

A book you loved in college: Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver. Thank you, Dr. Kutzer, for introducing me to this writer.

A book that challenged your identity: I guess I don't really understand this one. I can think of many books that challenged my beliefs or ideals, but none that challenged my identity itself. Maybe because a big part of my identity is as a reader of books, and that can't really be challenged while I'm holding one? I don't know. Perhaps I've never read one. Or perhaps, if it successfully challenged my identity, I can't recall it now because it became a part of me.

A series that you love: Harry Potter!

Your favorite horror book: I don't like them.

Your favorite science fiction book: Is Welcome to the Monkey House sci-fi? If so, I pick that.

Your favorite fantasy:
Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy.

Your favorite mystery: And then there were none or Ten Little Indians by Agatha Christie.

Your favorite biography: Is autobiography OK? If so, readers of this blog will not be surprised to find that I like The Dirt by Motley Crue the best. I also like the autobiographies of wrestler Mick Foley ("Mankind"). Most people have a low opinion of professional wrestling, and it deserves it. After reading his books, you'll have a new respect for those who do it, for those who spent their twenties driving 12 hour trips and fighting in a high school gym, selling pop before and after their matches, for a $40 payoff. He's very funny, too.

Your favorite "coming of age" book: I would say any of the Traveling Pants books. I like how positive they are, and how they really explore friendships, which are more complex than most writers make them out to be. The girls drift and come back, fight and make up, withdraw in times of trouble, support one another, and sometimes fail each other, which is, of course, what it's really like.

Your favorite classic: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Has been a favorite since first read.

Your favorite romance book: This will make me sound sick, but I guess I like Candy by Luke Davies. I've never been into "romances", and it's the only one I can think of that is, essentially, a love story, although it's a pretty twisted one. I understand there's a movie now. I need to check it out.

Your favorite book not on this list: That's an extremely difficult question. There are so many that I love. But a cursory glance of this list shows that The Poisonwood Bible is not on it, so I will pick that one.

That was fun! I am stealing another part of the meme off Chris: the part at the end that invites you to try it and comment if you do. So, please do.

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Chris said...

Great list. I haven't read many of them, but I loved The Great Gatsby too.