Thursday, August 2, 2007

Harry Potter Retrospective

Lately, I've been re-reading all the Harry Potter books. They always make me feel better when I'm feeling shitty. I'm going to write to JK Rowling and tell her that someday. Harry is kind of an inspiring character. He is in many situations where he's forced to do an impossible task with little support, and always manages to keep going. In the fourth book, for instance: he's forced to compete far above his level in the Triwizard tournament, and everyone just wants to see him fail. He's suffered many losses and grew up starved for love, but it never makes him bitter or hateful. And I think I've mentioned before, in those dark days when my ex dumped me and my job ran out of money to pay me and my cat was dying and it just seemed like everything sucked, how I pulled through by reading the scene from the end of Azkaban, with the dementors, over and over again, and actually using a similar method (I mean, without the magic) to fight my own growing depression.

But really, I was also hoping that there would be tidbits scattered throughout the series that could be viewed differently in light of the last book. 1/4 of the way into HP6, I'm disappointed to say that I haven't found many yet. Two so far:

At the beginning of HP5, Harry and Dudley are attacked by dementors. Aunt Petunia astonishes everyone by demonstrating knowledge of dementors, and their position as prison guards at Azkaban. She elaborates that she heard that horrible boy telling her about it years ago. Harry (and the readers) assumed the horrible boy was James. It was actually Snape: when Harry looks into the Pensieve, one of the memories he views is a pre-Hogwarts conversation between Snape and Lily on this topic.

The Vanishing Cabinet, which allows the Death Eaters entry to Hogwarts in HP6, makes a throwaway appearance in HP2: Peeves smashes it at the request of Nearly Headless Nick, to distract Filch's attention from punishing Harry.

Do you have any?

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Anonymous said...

We came up with the same one! I'm looking for the first and second books to re read as well. Melissa