Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm back, baby!

And it feels so good. I could tell you the long boring tale of how Time Warner couldn't hook me up for nearly three weeks, how when they finally did, I found myself without a place to put my computer, then couldn't get it to work, until by sheer grit and determination, like the pioneers of yore exhibited while they settled the west, I was back online. But that's just boring, and I have a few better things to talk about.

I've had a pretty good booklife recently. I attended the opening of a new Barnes and Noble, visited an independent bookstore right in my own neighborhood (one of two left in the city, that I'm aware of) and read three good books right in a row, bam bam BAM!!! This will merit many posts, though, not just the one, so look for much more of me in the near, perhaps even immediate, future!

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