Friday, November 2, 2007

The Countdown is On!

In just an estimated 30 hours, I will be living with my guy! I'm so excited. We've been in a long-distance relationship for five years, and have been together for seven. I can't wait. No more phone calls at night. No more long drives after a full day of work for less than 48 hours together. We'll be a real couple and I'm just so excited that I don't even mind that he's coming with a list of relationship issues that we need to discuss in person. I'm going to post during the day tomorrow because I want to celebrate with him tomorrow night. I found a cool restaurant in my neighborhood that I think he'll like and maybe later we'll hit some of the neighborhood bars as well, or go see a movie or something. Did I mention I can't wait?!


Norma said...

Living together makes you a real couple? How does that work?

LD/Brownie said...

Well, it makes you more of a real couple than living over a hundred miles apart, talking for ten or fifteen minutes on the phone every day and getting to see each other once every month or six weeks for a weekend, that's for sure.