Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A scathing comment...a Library Diva first

When I started this blog, it gave me the option of moderating comments. I've been around the internet for long enough to see what can happen when no one's minding the gate, and while I didn't mind people disagreeing with me, I didn't want my comments section to be an oasis for those looking to sell Viagra and Russian brides online. There was less of that than I'd thought, although I vetoed one comment that had sort of a spammy feel to it ("if books about aging interest you, you should check out my website on skin care...") Yet today, I had to veto a comment.

Seamus, if you're reading this, I want you to know that I have no problem with your disagreement on my post about The Alchemyst. I never claimed anywhere in that post that I could do it better. I can't ice skate worth a damn either, but I do have the ability to spot when someone lands a triple salchow. I stand by what I said about the characters being largely flat and lifeless. You said that Nicholas and Perenelle were exactly like they were described in legends; I would respond by asking "like what?" Are they funny, clever, empathetic, sarcastic, creative, terrifying or what? Because in The Alchemyst they seemed to be mere plot devices, like the rest of the characters, particularly those of the "protagonists," Sophie and Josh.

I still stand by my advice to avoid the book. However, I know that one man's trash is another man's treasure, and I'm glad you liked the book, Seamus. I am frightened, though, by your level of anger, particular towards someone you don't know. Was it really necessary to get that personal and vulgar? I didn't call the author names, after all. I merely suggested that he could've done better. I sincerely hope you were emboldended by the anonymity of the internet and don't go around addressing real-life strange women who are in punching radius of you with the "c" word. It was the way you expressed yourself, not the opinion itself, that got your comment rejected. Go ahead and disagree with me or anyone else who posts on here (hello, you two!) but please, do it in a respectful manner or I won't print it.

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