Monday, October 13, 2008

Two Endorsements: One Fun, and One Serious

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Let's get the serious one out of the way first: it should surprise no one who's taken note of my favorite authors or read any of my more political posts that I will be proud to cast a vote for Barack Obama in three weeks' time, and that I hope everyone else does too. This has been an extremely long campaign, and during much of the beginning part of it, I'd hoped that Hillary Clinton would be our candidate (as I'd hoped since I was 16...sigh). I was unconvinced about Obama at first, but the more I hear of him, the more I like him. He's well-spoken and passionate. Some people would have you believe he's an "elitist", but I think the president should be elite. After all, we let a dumbass give it a try for eight years, and look what's happened.

I'd tried to write out a longer commentary, but realized I could not possibly state it better than the New Yorker's editors did last week when they officially endorsed Obama. It's an excellent article, well worth your time. In the past few weeks, it's become so apparent that the country's in serious trouble that even the Republican Masters of Denial can't ignore it anymore. I believe that of the two candidates, Obama is the only one with the patience and understanding to start to get things back on the right track.

Now for my fun endorsement: Leanne Marshall as the winner of Project Runway. This Wednesday, at 9PM on Bravo, we'll get to find out if the judges felt the same way. I caught most of this season, and thought it was reality television at its best. Heroes! Villians! Wacky characters! High highs! Low lows! The triumph of victory! The agony of defeat!

Well, maybe that's a bit much, but it was a pretty exciting season. Leanne stood out for me right away because of her personality. In a case full of opulent Harry Winston and Tiffany 5-karat rocks, Leanne was the simple opal ring that you couldn't help but be drawn to. She was so meek and mild that I wondered how she'd fare in such a high-stress, competitive, backstabbing environment. But week after week, she proved herself. She's won two challenges and has made it all the way to the end now.

Usually, the "home visit" episode decides it for me. Last season, I was touched and inspired to see Christian Siriano's tiny apartment, with the studio that doubled as bedroom. Generally, Tim will talk to the contestant about his or her collection, and then the contestant will take Tim to meet family, friends or significant others. Christian had no one to show off. All his family, he explained, lived far away and only came up rarely. At an age where most people are still trying to find themselves, Christian not only knew what he wanted but had sacrificed everything to get it. So I was very pleased when he won, and I'm happy about the successes he's had already. Hopefully they've allowed him to get a two-bedroom apartment!

In Leanne's case, I was sold by her collection. I think the wave shapes are innovative and beautiful. I loved her wedding and bridesmaid's dresses, and I think her collection has a very cohesive look. It was also probably pretty technically challenging, but it all looks beautifully made.

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I liked seeing Korto's family and hearing her story too, but I pick Leanne for the ethereal beauty of this collection. You look at it and you feel like you're at the ocean. It's such a simple, beautiful inspriation, and I'd love to see more from her.

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Callista said...

I'm Canadian but I'd vote Obama if I could.

As for Project Runway, I love thst show but don't have cable anymore :(

I love your blog tag line by the way too, it's SO true and I think that everytime summer comes and the hours change. I'm blogrolling your blog!