Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's weird. The more I work on this blog's appearance, the more ideas I have for posts and such. I'm pretty excited about the week to come at the moment as far as the blog goes, but kind of feeling like a low-impact post today. So, I realized it had been a while since I did a cool stuff one.

This is part of my collection of old tin toy dishes. I've been interested in them for a very long time, ever since my Aunt Helen gave a bunch to my sister and me to play with when we were kids. Even then, I thought they were cool and different. I always wanted to collect more of them someday. For a brief time, I did, until the market just went right through the ceiling. I officially stopped looking at them on eBay the day I found a set listed at $1000 and bid up to nearly $1600.

But I really enjoy the ones I have. My favorites were produced by the Ohio Art company, generally between 1930 and 1960. Fern Bisel Peat was an artist for them, and her designs are particularly fun and colorful. Sometimes she signs them. I don't think any of mine are signed, though. I love the red and yellow tray with the little boy and little girl. I also like the Humpty Dumpty set because it came from my Aunt Helen, and the little Mexican boy eating the banana (they weren't always PC.) My complete collection isn't pictured here, but this post has inspired me to change out the ones I have on my shelf!

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