Monday, May 11, 2009

Coming Soon, to a School Near Me!

When you're unemployed, the daily mail sucks. Whether it's an angry letter from the electric company, or what I call a "fuck-you letter" from a job I applied for ("We received your resume. Unfortunately for you, we hired someone way better than you. We feel a bit badly for rubbing your face in it, so we're going to lie to you and say we'll keep yours on file for future vacancies, which we actually don't anticipate anyway. I wouldn't wait by the phone if I were you.")

Sometimes, even the circulars kind of suck. When you get a good one, for Macy's or Raymour and Flanagan, it just reminds you of all the stuff you can't afford to buy. But today, I found something exciting in my mailbox. Tony Horwitz, one of my very favorite authors, is coming to the Nichols School (posh private high school) next weekend. It didn't say anything about a cost, so HELLS YEAH I'm going to be there. It's too bad my copy of Confederates at the Attic is in such poor shape, or I'd bring it for him to sign. But I don't even care. I'm really looking forward to seeing him. If any of you are fans and in the Buffalo area, perhaps I will see you there!

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