Friday, May 29, 2009

Escape from Hell!

Astute readers may have noticed, on my sidebar, a link to the Retail Hell blog. When I reformatted this blog, I lost everything. All my links, my TBRs and vanquished TBRs, everything. Most of the links I put back up don't belong to anyone I actually know IRL (except for the one to Aaron's blog). Retail Hell is no exception, but I stumbled across it about a year and a half ago, and it's become part of my daily rounds. I worked a shitty retail job for about a year, and did retail in the summers during college. It's pretty much exactly like it's depicted there: people come in, strew stuff all over the place, ask questions like "Are these 50% off?" while standing under a 5 ft by 5 ft 50% off sign, argue with you over three cents, and generally act in ways that make you despair for humanity.

But one of my favorite retail slaves has made it out. One of the three brains behind the blog, known as Freddy (the blog has a horror-movie theme) has a book coming out in August! You can read more about it on his site here. I told him I'll definitely read it and post about it. But even though I don't know him IRL, I'm very excited for him. In a week where I haven't even seen any jobs to apply to, it's inspiring to see someone else's dream come true. I hope it sells a million copies, Freddie!

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