Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What's this? A blog post?

You might question the wisdom of someone who hasn't blogged since July doing NaBloPoMo. Or you might not question it at all. You might forget about it in five minutes, the way you forget about the schemes of that one cousin or friend of a friend who's totally moving to Vegas next month, or developing his own video game, or going back to college and this time I even have an application, but whose commitment to those things has never lasted beyond boring people at parties.

So why'd I quit? Why'd I leave you guys dangling with "The Women of Westeros, Part I" back on July 13, nary to return until all the leaves were gone? It was simple. I became rather convinced that there weren't any of "you guys" out there reading this. The longer I was away, the more out of the blogging habit I got. I write about four articles a week for people who do actually read them, and I get paid a princely sum for it (not like Prince Charles...more like a four-year-old boy who is Prince of Bedroomia). So, writing at night seemed to pull me less and less.

But why'd I return? That's also pretty simple: I was asked to. I'd like to flatter myself and pretend that my gmail account was overwhelmed during my absence and I finally decided that it would be easier to write blog posts than respond to the thousands of emails a day about how much I'm missed. But I was asked to return by a friend, who's doing NaBloPoMo and wanted company. She's an awesome writer and an awesome person, and I know how important support is for NaBloPoMo, especially around mid-month. So check her out at thesedentaryvagabond.wordpress.com.

And keep visiting me during the month of November. If you've read this far, you're awesome too. I'm looking forward to getting back into this, and I'd love feedback on what I can do to make the blog better. I certainly have lots of good material from the past few months!

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chris said...

Well, you do have readers, and I'm glad you decided to come back! Does this mean you will blog daily? (I assume that is what NaBloPoMo is.)